About the Makers

A book that delights and amuses children by involving them and their pet is a complicated undertaking requiring the efforts of a team of people, not just a single author.

Brothers Jay and Daniel Gordon conceptualised the idea for their own children, Ava who is 4, and Van who is 2. Dan worked on the idea, and a system for expanding the book to as many dogs as possible with his friend, artist Erin Forsyth. When it came to working on the complicated technology to make producing the books the brothers worked with their long time buddy and partner Erik.

Special thanks to Erin Forsyth, Erik Baars, Sikwasa Davis, Van, Annita, Lisa, Ava and Pepsi Gordon.

About the Art

Erin Forsyth is an artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. For over ten years Erin has refined her practice working with a variety of mediums including oil painting, video, pigment liner and aerosol. Perfect preparation for beautifully hand drawing hundreds and hundreds of dogs.